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Event Safety Plan includes generic templates for three different documents.

To avoid creating large overcomplicated documents that try and cover everything, we recommend that you create separate documents for the construction phases (including the dismantle) and the live event phase.

The risks and people affected may be quite different for each of these phases and so should be considered separately. This is especially relevant for  CDM documents that are only concerned with the construction phases.

To create a separate event management plan, start a new project by duplicating your construction plan project with all the content. Then simply adjust your existing information and add any additional relevant template headings from the event management category.

Safety Plan Templates

Category Explanation
Contractor Basic Construction Plan This plan is tailored for situations where you are a contractor providing a service to a client who is responsible for the overall management of a site eg. an AV company or exhibition stand builder providing services to an agency, production company or end client.

The Construction Plan needs to outline general information about the project and the safety provisions you are undertaking, to ensure you deliver your services safely. It needs to be supported with risk assessments for the tasks you have identified that you are doing in your method statement.
CDM Pre-Construction Information  / Construction Phase Plan At the start of a project, contractors should be provided with Pre-Construction Information. This may be contained within a briefing document or in their initial scope of work. This will provide information of any site specific hazards to help contractors to make their own safety arrangements. Visit our support page for more information about  Event Pre-Construction Information.

A Construction Phase Plan uses much of the same information and many people are using an initial draft of their Construction Phase Plan as their Pre-Construction Information.The construction phase plan must set out the health and safety arrangements and site rules being applied on site. 

A client must ensure that a Construction Phase Plan is created before works commence. This is usually drawn up by the principal contractor.

Throughout the project the principal contractor must review and update the construction phase plan so that it continues to be sufficient for the duration of construction.

Visit our support page for more information about the  Event Construction Phase Plan

Basic Event Management Plan This plan is tailored for situations where you are responsible for running the ‘live’ phase of an event where you have guests or members of the public present.

The safety management of the open phase of an event is often quite different from how you manage the construction & dismantle phases and so for clarity it’s often better to compile a separate safety plan for this purpose.

Help prompts within the app will explain what is needed for each heading.  As each event is different you may find that some headings are not relevant to your situation, or there may be additional information that you need to add.

The template headings are provided as a starting point to help you think through what information may be required. There isn’t a standard requirement for a safety plan so if you are producing one for specific stakeholders e.g. local authority, venues or insurance companies then check with them to see if they require any specific information.

If you are running an event that doesn’t fit into one of the categories above – don’t worry – many of the template headings are still applicable. Just search through and select the ones that you think might be applicable to your situation.

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