Managing Teams

Team Accounts

Team accounts allow you to invite other members of your team to view, edit and contribute to your safety planning. You can invite as many people as your subscription allows, manage their access and also invite different people at different stages of the project. You can also design bespoke templates for your organisation that allow you to shape your safety management process. 

Team Projects

Team projects allow you to invite other users to collaborate on your plan with you. They can also duplicate from your safety plan and your risk assessments.

Team administrators can setup bespoke templates customised for your organisation for your team to use when creating new safety plans. 

Team Roles

Teams have 3 levels of access privileges

Account Owner Team Admin Team User
Can manage subscription & billing
Can add users to the account & create Team Admins
Can edit Team’s safety plan & risk assessment templates
Has read & write access to all projects
Can edit projects they’ve started or been invited to
Can duplicate safety plan sections & risk assessments from any project in the team account

Managing Your Team

On your team dashboard, select the Team Members icon

Invite a new member to the team

To invite a new member to your team click invite  Invite Members and enter their email address.

If they have an existing account with Event Safety Plan then they will get an email informing them that your team has been added to their dashboard.

If they do not have an Event Safety Plan account then then they will get an email inviting them to setup an account so they can collaborate on your safety plans.

Choosing which members are currently on your team

With your subscription you have a number of slots available in your team. You can swap members in and out of these slots as much as you need to depending on what projects you are working on at any one time. By making someone an admin, they can view, edit and contribute to any project.

The project owner (whoever started the team and who deals will billing) is the only person with rights to add or remove members.

We have designed this to make it as easy as possible for freelancers or short term contract workers to be added to your team for a project and then taken off again once it’s complete.

Active Team Members – Are able to access your team via their dashboard, start new projects and contribute to other projects they’ve been invited to

Inactive Team Members – Are sitting out on the side lines, your team appears greyed out on their dashboard but all of their data remains part of your team and can be accessed by the rest of the team for duplication or edited by Team Admins. Reactivating their account is as easy as adding them back into the team in a free slot.

Deleted Team Members – If you decide to delete a team member then they will lose access to your team and you will disappear from their dashboard. However all their data will remain part of your team account. Your team will be able to duplicate from their projects and Team Admins will be able to edit and if required reassign them to other users.

For example, if you have a designer working on the project at the start, you can give them access to the project to input their safety information regarding the design, once the project moves on to the live phase planning you could swap out the designer and add in the producer. Or you can just increase your number of subscribers in the accounts section and give everyone access simultaneously.

Team Billing

Your initial subscription was based on a set amount of team members. You can increase this number below if more people require simultaneous access.

Remember if any members of the team no longer need access or are on a hiatus from the project, you can make them inactive in the ‘Manage the team’ section and invite another member to join.

You can also access and download your invoices below or make changes to your billing details.