Creating Complete Safety Plan Templates

These features are only accessible to team admin users. To gain access, please talk to your team account holder. 

You can now create whole safety plans as templates that can be used when creating a new safety plan. The process is very similar to how you create a normal safety plan except you use elements of the templates library. 

Creating a new Template Safety Plan

Create a new template safety plan by clicking the button and naming your plan. Your template management screen will look like this.  Use the Manage Template Sections buttons to add elements to your safety plan.

You can either add them directly from the library or add a new one. New elements are automatically added to the library to use in other templates. 

Select the elements that you want to add to your template safety plan and they will drop down to the selected elements area. 

To remove the sections from your template, just deselect them and they will be removed back into the library. 

Once complete, click Save and Finish. 

Ordering Template Elements

Elements on the Template Safety Plan page can be dragged into the order you want them to be replicated in. The order they appear here will be the order they appear if a template is utilised. 

Using Safety Plan Templates

You can use a safety plan template when starting new safety plan. The template will import all of the elements you've included and prompt the user to check and amend each element to make sure it's relevant to their project.

Teams use templates in different ways, some ways that teams are using them are: 

  • Different templates for different sized jobs, varying in the level of information required to complete it. 
  • Different templates depending on the CDM Role eg. Principal Contractor or Contractor
  • Different templates depending on the scope eg. just supplying audio systems or supplying full AV service
  • Different templates for types of event eg. Conference, Gala Dinner, party etc. 

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