BS 8800

In an effort to ensure we are offer our users templates in line with best practice we’ve updated our Risk Rating Definitions to better reflect guidance given in  BS 8800.

The definitions are pretty much identical but the wording is now in line with the British Standard.

If you have any questions or queries then please  just get in touch.

Risk Rating Original Definition Updated Definition
20 – 25 Unacceptable – Stop activity and make immediate improvements. Substantial – Resources might have to be allocated to reduce the risk, urgent action should be taken.
10 – 16 Tolerable – Look to improve within specified timescale Moderate – Look at risk reduction measures, which should take cost into account and should be implemented within a defined time period.

Priority for improving control measures should be given to risks with greater consequences than those with greater likelihood.
5 – 9 Adequate – Look to improve at next review Tolerable – No major additional precautions required. However, there might be a need for reasonably practicable improvements that involve minor or limited cost.
1 – 4 Acceptable – No further action, but ensure controls are maintained Trivial – No action is required and no detailed records need to be kept

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