Team Settings

The team owner can set some universal parameters for the team on the team settings page. 

On this page you can set: 

Team Name -  This is used across the app and on your exports. 

Team Logo - This is used across the app and on your exports. 

Export Settings

The team owner can also set some universal settings for the team's PDF exports. 

Exports must use the team logo - Allow the team owner to lock the logo on the cover sheet of the export to the team logo. Use this if your company always wants to brand your documents with your own logo. If you want the option of using other logos (eg. your client) then keep this unticked. 

Lock PDF export so it can't be modified - This option will export locked PDFs that can't be edited. Otherwise the PDF will be able to be opened by PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat. 

Cover Text - You can enter text here that is then included on all your export cover pages. 

Export Font - You can choose to change the font that your safety plans get exported in. If the font you require is not listed then please contact us.

Preview - You can preview what your team's cover page will look like on your PDF by using the preview button.