Website FAQ

Can I edit the safety templates?

Yes, with our Teams Account you can create your own templates for your team.

Is my information secure?

Event Safety Plan uses 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt all transactions between you and our enterprise level servers. All credit card information is stored with a PCI-certified provider. Project data is backed up daily and stored offsite.

Are my credit card details safe?

All payments are processed through Stripe , an industry leading online payments portal. Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified and forces all services via HTTPS, no credit card data is ever transmitted to or stored by Event Safety Plan. For more information on Stripe’s security visit their security information page.

What browsers do you support?

All modern browsers are fully supported, older browsers are also supported but may have a reduced user experience.

Does Event Safety Plan work on tablets?

Yes! Our site is designed to be used on desktops and tablets of all sizes. It is not currently optimised for phones but if you would like us to add this feature then please get in touch.

Can I get a VAT invoice for my payments?

Yes, after every payment a VAT invoice will be sent out to the registered email address.

I’m VAT registered in Europe, can I get the VAT deducted from my subscription?

VAT is calculated based on the location of the credit card holder. Ensure that your billing details are correct and that you enter your VAT registration number when subscribing and our system will automatically calculate and deduct any applicable VAT.