Managing Safety Reports

Admins and Team Owners can access the incident reports management area icon in the team dashboard. 

The reports area allows you to view & search submitted reports. 

When a report is submitted it is marked as OPEN, to indicate that an administrator needs to read it & detail any subsequent actions or investigations that took place. 

On the report detail screen, the submitted information is shown and along with a few useful tools. 

Manage Incident Report

This screen allows you to add any management notes to the report about your response or further action that may be required. It also allows you to CLOSE the report once complete. 

It also allows you to create a record that states if the incident is RIDDOR reportable or not. 

Request More Information

If you need to collect more information about the incident then you can request it via this tool. Enter the name & email address of the person you need information from and the app will generate a unique URL link to send them. Any information they submit on this link will be added to the report. 

Close Report

Once you are satisfied that the report is complete then you can close it. You can then create a PDF of the report for circulating to clients, insurance companies or other relevant parties. 

If required a report can be reopened and the management notes updated once closed. 

Edit & Delete Report

Only the team owner has the ability to edit or delete a report. 

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