Manage Your Account

Your subscriptions and billing an be accessed via the Billing link in the Team Tools menu located on your Team Dashboard. 

Note - Only the team owner of the account will have access to the billing tools. If you are in doubt, contact support

Subscription Plans

Your subscription status is displayed along with a button to either activate, reactivate or cancel your subscription.

New Subscription

Click the Subscribe Now button.

Choose your subscription plan and enter your payment and billing details into the form.

If you are VAT registered in Europe then enter your VAT number to ensure that the appropriate rate of VAT can be applied to your purchase.

If you have been given a discount coupon then add the code in here to get a discount on your subscription.

Cancel Subscription

Click the Cancel Subscription button to cancel your subscription.

When you cancel your subscription your account will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. After that point your data will be frozen for a minimum of 12 months so if you decide to reactive your subscription you can pick up your data from where you left off.

Reactivate Subscription

If you’d like to reactivate your subscription then just go to your account page and click the  Reactivate Subscription Button

Update Your Credit Card Details

Your card details can be updated on this page, along with your billing address.

Team Accounts

Team accounts also have the option of updating the size of the team by either adding additional slots to the team or reducing them.


Recent invoices are available to download, if you have any problems just  contact us for additional information.