Team Template Library

These features are only accessible to team admin users. To gain access, please talk to your team account holder. 

Team Admins can manage the templates for their teams. These are accessed from your team dashboard page. 

Templates are what Team Users access when they use the  safety plan template, risk assessment template or supporting document template tools. Any items you create in the templates project appears when users select to Add Template to their projects.

How Templates Work

(note - template management has recently been updated so this may be new to you!)

Templates Library

This is where you can create template Safety Plan Sections, Risk Assessments and Supporting Documents for your teams. Any information you fill in here will be copied over when someone uses the template within their safety plan. 

For example, if you create a Safety Plan Section called 'Introduction' and add in some placeholder text about your company, it will then appear in the text box whenever anyone uses the that section within their safety plan. The content will be editable by users though which allows you to put in reminders about information you want them to include. 

Template Risk Assessments can be created with pre-filled & selected options and a list of tick boxes for suggested control measures the user might consider. 

You can also upload supporting documents as templates which can then be added to your teams safety plans via the 'Import from template' option. This is useful for sharing your company's insurance certificates, inductions or policies. 

These individual template elements can be accessed and added to a plan via the links in the relevant section. 

You can also build complete safety plan templates which users can start new safety plans from. 

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